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2023 State Public Policy Priorities


Promote equal access to voting and ensure all votes are counted

Demand government accountability and transparency

Rethink our approach to criminal justice & ensure equality for all

Iowa’s natural resources and environment

Improve the health and safety of Iowans

Build Iowa’s workforce

  • Change legislative rules to require all amendments and bills discussed in a committee to be available to the public prior to a vote.

  • Continue virtual committee and subcommittee meetings to encourage more direct citizen participation.

  • Ensure equal treatment under the law, regardless of race, racial mixture, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender or sexual orientation.

  • Amend the Iowa Constitution to restore voting rights for those with past felony convictions.

  • Oppose the death penalty. 

  • Build upon the state’s successful container redemption law (“bottle bill”).

  • Fund REAP at no less than $25 million.

  • Increase the sales tax and dedicate new funds to environmental initiatives that improve the quality of our lakes, rivers, and streams.

  • Develop state strategies to address climate change.

  • Fund the entire range of services in the regional mental health and disability services system.

  • Ensure Medicaid services are comprehensive, accessible, and reimbursed at an adequate level.

  • Guarantee access to women’s reproductive health services.

  • Promote responsible gun ownership.

  • Boost public knowledge of human trafficking in all its forms and support its victims

  • Fully fund all levels of public education (preK-12, community colleges, Regents universities), including adequate computer technology and affordable Internet connectivity, and oppose the use of vouchers for private and home school education.

  • Adopt policies and fund programs that welcome refugees and immigrants to Iowa.

  • Continue to expand access to childcare.

  • Require public and private employers adopt “fair chance hiring” practices (i.e. “ban the box”).

2022 State Public Policy Priorities
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