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THE RECAP! The Freedom to Vote Act: A Deep Dive w/ Elizabeth Hira

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

We had a great conversation with Elizabeth Hira from the Brennan Center on Tuesday, November 9. Her urgency and focus on moving voting rights forward reminds us that while the battle continues to be long and enduring, it is the worthy fight that our democracy hinges on.

If you couldn’t watch it with us live, we encourage you to watch the recording. We were so impressed with Elizabeth and her expertise and guarantee you will learn so much about the Freedom to Vote Act.

This transformative legislation has the power to protect our elections from voter suppression, partisan sabotage, gerrymandering, and dark money; ensuring a more fair and accessible process to all. It is truly Equity for the People.

Elizabeth also emphasized other ways in which you can make a difference:

  • Tell the story. Voting rights matter to our democracy and should be easily accessible. We can change the tide together! Let your community know how close we are to getting the Freedom to Vote Act passed and how all persons who care about our democracy have a stake in the game.

  • Talk with your friends and family (or other people's friends and family) about voting rights and why it is important to you. Provide them with factual information and trustworthy sources to follow to ensure more Americans are informed. Bring hope to them by showing them how they can make a difference.

  • Organize an event - big or small - to help others learn about voting rights and how we can move forward with the Freedom to Vote Act. Feel free to use our recording with Elizabeth Hira to help!

Remember, our nation is facing a series of attacks on our most basic right to vote. Iowa is no stranger to these attacks. The Freedom to Vote Act represents the best defense of our democracy in Congress today. It is time to demand our leaders pass the legislation!

Will you make your voice heard? Tell Senators Grassley and Ernst they are currently receiving an "F" on the Civil Rights Score Card for failing to protect and uphold our American democracy and that you demand Congress restore voting rights and protect against voter suppression.

In Solidarity,

Victoria Henderson Weber President, NAACP Des Moines Branch Appointed Director, LWV-DSM


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