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Petition to Repeal Iowa Anti-Voter Laws

Despite a historic Presidential election turnout in 2020, Iowa enacted legislation in 2021 to make voting harder, disqualify voters easier, and make elections more difficult to administer.


  • Invalidates some mail-in ballots that, even when mailed promptly, cannot be returned before polls close

  • Impedes voting by medical and other workers with 12-hour shifts by closing the polls earlier on primary and general election days

  • Obstructs returning absentee ballots by limiting the use of ballot drop boxes to one per county, regardless of population, and by unnecessarily restricting who may return them

  • Drastically shortens the early voting period from 29 days to 20 and needlessly limits ballot-request periods

  • Invites interference in our elections by allowing political parties to challenge Iowa elections in court

  • Limits county auditors’ abilities to adapt to local conditions and criminalizes good-faith errors

  • Provides less time for voter registration and moves voters who miss any general election to an “inactive” list

We urge Iowa lawmakers to repeal sections of Senate Files 413 and 568, which were signed into law in 2021. We believe voting should be easy to do and less challenging to administer.


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