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Mary Chapman


Dr. Chapman joined Des Moines Area Community College in 1990 as the Urban Des Moines Campus Executive Dean/Provost.
In 2000, Dr. Chapman began providing leadership as Vice President for Community and Workforce Partnerships at Des Moines Area Community College.
In this role she worked with central Iowa businesses to identify employment opportunities for underrepresented, as well as disenfranchised youth and adults. She has established many successful partnerships and developed strategies with state agencies and local schools and community organizations to provide employer driven skill based training and education for these individuals to ensure their employment and improve their lives.
 In 2013, Dr. Chapman retired from Des Moines Area Community College and upon retiring Des Moines Area Community College designated Dr. Chapman the title of Vice President Emeritus.
Since retiring, she continues to devote her time and energy as an advocate for economic, social and racial justice as well as promoting opportunities and closing the opportunity gap for youth between the ages of 16-24. 

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