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Board Administrative Policies

Metro Des Moines League of Women Voters. Approved June 2016.

A. Political Activity

        The state League adheres to the Political Activity Policy on nonpartisanship of the LWVUS.

  1. Neither the president nor any board member chair shall run for any public elective office.

  2. Neither the president nor any board member shall serve in any position in a political party.

  3. Board members may attend fund-raising events and make campaign contributions.

  4. Board members may not chair or administer fund-raising or political campaigns, chair a campaign event, or work in a significant way in the campaign of a candidate for local office.  Board members may undertake such activities for candidates for state or national office.  Board members may act as individuals, not as representatives of LWV.


B.  Guidelines for Political Activity

        Some suitable ways for board members to participate in electoral politics include the following:

  1. All LWVMDM board members may participate in party precinct caucuses.

  2. They may participate in any LWV voter service activities.

  3. They may encourage non-board members to participate fully in both partisan and nonpartisan activity.

  4. They may sign nominating petitions.

  5. The political activities of a spouse or relative of a board member should be considered as separate and distinct from the activities of the board member.

  6. Public notices released by the League announcing the resignation of a board member should be carefully worded to avoid the appearance of endorsing the resigning board member’s candidacy.


        Some activities which LWVMDM President and Voter Service / Advocacy Chair should avoid:

  1. Taking an official position in a party organization, or in an organization endorsing candidates for public office.

  2. Participating conspicuously in campaigns for individuals in such a way as to publicly identify the board member / leader with said individual.

  3. Contributing conspicuously to any candidate or party in such a way as to identify the board member/leader with said individual.

  4. Carrying a petition for a candidate.

  5. Working on a phone bank.


        Any board member who runs for local office is asked to resign or take a leave of absence.


C. Communications

  1. All official correspondence and communications from LWVMDM shall be cleared through the President.

  2. All off-board chairs shall receive relevant LWVMDM communications.


D. Administration

  1. All board members shall maintain a file, which should include ABCs of League, by-laws, board policies, local league directory, and all pertinent material related to their activities.  This file is to be passed on to his/her successor.

  2. There shall be an orientation at the beginning of each board year.


E. Money Matters

  1. Volunteer Service: Volunteer hours and unreimbursed miles driven on behalf of LWVMDM shall be tracked for the annual report.  Any dollar expenditure not reimbursed is counted as a member contribution.

  2. The LWVMDM may pay expenses for speakers at League functions. Honoraria may be paid at the discretion of the board.

  3. Expense vouchers should be turned in to the treasurer at least every three months.  Expenses turned in after that will not be reimbursed unless waived by treasurer and president.


F. Committees

  1. The committee chair shall be responsible for all committee materials

  2. Committees may exceed budget by more than $100.00 only with board or executive committee approval.

  3. The chairperson of the nominating committee shall ask for nominations from the general membership.  Any member may send suggestions to the nominating committee at least two months before the annual meeting. Nominations for LWVMDM board should be advised of potential difficulty of serving on both state and local boards simultaneously.

G. Communications and Partnerships

  1. The LWVMDM president shall sign communications which pertain to League policy or positions.

  2. Action-Legislative Coalitions/Partnerships

  3. Strategy for action may include combining forces with others seeking the same goals.
    A. Information may be shared and other viewpoints listened to in an informal give and take.
    The LWVMDM may initiate or join in an action coalition to achieve results, provided these guidelines are followed:

    1. The campaign for action must be clearly defined in terms of the overall goal and the time commitment anticipated.

    2. There must be board approval for the use of the LWVMDM name in any coalition effort.

    3. League members must be kept informed on all aspects of coalition action.

    4. The LWVMDM must be able to withdraw whenever League goals diverge from those of the coalition.

    5. The action must support LWV positions and policy.

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